Emergency M&M’s

In February we had some unseasonably warm days. (After a relatively short and mild winter this really annoyed me. Summer is going to be here soon enough without it arriving in February.) On one of these scorching days we were discussing this phenomenon over our cubicle walls at work when I got an instant message from one of the guys who sits across the aisle from me. It went like something like this:

Him: I just remembered I have a bag of M&Ms in my car!
Me: Ha ha ha ha!
Him: I put it in my center console during the winter for emergencies.

Maybe I’m uninformed on the latest in snack trends, but I’d never heard of emergency M&M’s before! I laughed so hard after this conversation. He was so worried that the peanut M&M’s in his car had melted into a puddle of chocolate, nuts, and pieces of candy shell. He ran to his car shortly after expressing his concern and was happy to discover that the individual M&M’s were still intact. Crisis averted! So when I opened my Sunday paper and I saw an ad for these to-go containers of M&M’s (see above photo) I just had to share it with him. They seemed a timely and well-suited solution to his mobile winter sustenance situation. If you’re going to leave M&M’s in your car “for emergencies,” they might as well be in a decent container!