It’s official

It’s official – my pants are too big. This morning as I was getting dressed for work I slipped on a pair of my favorite pants – olive green skinny jeans from Old Navy. I ordered them just a couple of months ago, about a week after I started my Nutrisystem diet. I was so excited to have started losing weight that I treated myself to some new clothes to celebrate. What I didn’t think about was those new clothes being too big for my shrinking body a few short weeks later. Even though I knew I’d been making great progress, I was still shocked when I buttoned my pants this morning and discovered how loose they are in the waist. Really baggy everywhere but the legs (this runner’s legs are muscular!). Not quite unwearable yet, but they’re getting close. As of today I’ve lost 13 lbs since Labor Day and I couldn’t be happier. The number on the scale this morning was a bit of a surprise because I ate quite indulgently while I was in Arkansas over the weekend. My cousin is a great cook and we also went to a couple of delicious restaurants. Luckily I didn’t gain any weight while eschewing my diet for a few days. Phew! The above photo is from the Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on October 30th. Don’t I look great so far? Seeing results makes sticking with my plan so much easier. Looks like I’ll be buying some new pants for my thinner self on Black Friday!

P.S. I started a post regarding the results of yesterday’s election, but it’s not ready yet because I haven’t fully processed my feelings on the subject. Today I’ve alternated between anger and sadness, but I think I’m still basically in shock. I simply cannot comprehend how our country got here. Maybe I’ll be able to put my thoughts into words more eloquently soon.