Halfway there!

It’s November 15th which means that I’ve successfully made it halfway through NaBloPoMo! This is leaps and bounds better than I’ve done for several years so I’m pretty happy about it. There’s still a lot I want to write about before the month is over (the presidential election and subsequent fallout, for example), but free time is somewhat scarce these days. Like today when I worked 10 hours, got home just in time to do a few chores, and then ran 4 miles to maintain my marathon training. I’m tired! Now I’m sitting on the couch watching episodes of “The Simpsons” while penning this fairly pathetic blog post so I won’t fail NaBloPoMo after making it this far. In order to wrap things up for tonight I’ll close by sharing a screenshot of my phone proving that the California earthquakes followed me to Arkansas! My parents and I were sitting in our hotel room in Fayetteville, AR on Saturday night when we felt this 5.0 quake from across the border in Oklahoma. I know that the area is no stranger to this kind of shaking, but I couldn’t help but feel partially responsible. Sorry everyone!