Just say no to sugar

When I started Nutrisystem on Labor Day I also gave up sugary sodas. I was seriously addicted to them at that point and I knew that my habit was adding a lot of unnecessary calories to my daily intake. So on September 4th I quit cold turkey. It turned out to be a perfect time because I was already suffering so much due to the severe dietary restrictions that I didn’t have any extra capacity to miss my daily Coke. In order to fill my stomach in between the meager Nutrisystem meals and snacks I drank a lot of water and some diet soda as well. Coke Zero worked just fine when I needed something with flavor, but without the calories that were derailing my weight loss. Since Labor Day I have broken my ban on sugary sodas only twice – once at the chili cook-off on Halloween, and once at a service anniversary lunch. At the chili cook-off one of my co-workers brought a bunch of specialty sodas from a store called Rocket Fizz so I absolutely couldn’t pass up a cherry cola. And it was totally worth the calories. That day was a diet-breaker already with all of the chili, chips, side dishes, and desserts so one soda didn’t make much difference! Then this past Monday I had a Coke while eating a catered lunch from Chipotle to celebrate a co-worker’s 25th anniversary with Boeing. That one I should have avoided. (Actually, I should have avoided the lunch altogether because I ate way too much! I had fun eating with my co-workers, but I would have been better off with my boring Nutrisystem food!) To my surprise, the soda didn’t taste as amazing as I remember. Usually with sweets once I get a taste I crave more. That wasn’t the case with that can of Coke. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t make me want another one. No more empty calories from soda! I’m free!