Rain in Los Angeles

I went to work at 5 AM this morning to support an ongoing event. Due to a few issues that cropped up I was able to leave around 10 AM and have the rest of the day to myself. The weather forecast showed a storm approaching in the afternoon so I wanted to get a few things done before it started to rain. Also, I definitely needed to get my 5 mile run done if I wanted to avoid getting soaked. So after taking a couple of packages to the Post Office I went to the grocery store to pick up all of the necessary ingredients for tomorrow’s annual holiday potluck at work. I’d waited until the last minute to buy the milk, cream, etc. for the Crockpot hot chocolate I’m making for breakfast in the morning. Over the last few years it’s become one of my co-worker’s favorite things so I know they’ll drink it all very quickly tomorrow. For the lunch buffet I’m just making some cranberry barbeque meatballs, a recipe I haven’t made in over 8 years, because I already had all of the components and they don’t require much effort. My favorite kind of cooking!

When I went to the grocery store it was much busier than usual, especially for noon on a weekday. I’m not sure if the impending storm spurred people to run their errands early, like I did, but I had a decent wait in the checkout line. And then when I finally got to the cashier she told me that she had already asked to leave work early to avoid the rain. It’s just rain! It’s not as if snow is piling up everywhere, like it is in so many other parts of the country. Get a grip, Los Angeleans! We are definitely spoiled with the nearly perfect weather here in Southern California. That being said, I was determined to complete my required 5 mile run before the first of the raindrops fell. And I was mostly successful. It started drizzling on me during my last mile, but it wasn’t enough rain to cause any real problems. Thankfully I was back in my warm house before the precipitation became significant. Now I can only hope that it’s not raining too hard when I need to drag all of my potluck items in to work tomorrow morning. It’s my favorite day of the year and a little rain isn’t going to dampen my spirits!