Goodbye February

This year is moving so fast. I can’t believe another month is over. Granted it’s the shortest month on the calendar, but still. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to write nearly as much as I wanted to. I have a large number of half-finished, and some only half-started, blog posts waiting to be completed. Not only have I been faithfully training for the LA Marathon which is now just 19 days away (I made up for my ow mileage in January but running like crazy in February), but work has been completely monopolizing most of my waking hours. I even have to go in early tomorrow morning so that I can work a full day before going to the sports chiropractor in the afternoon because my knee needs more attention before the marathon. I’m dedicated to my work, but even more dedicated to my running! Free time has been so hard to come by lately, though. I’m hoping that I can be efficient enough this week that I can take at least part of the weekend off. I am planning to run 12 miles on Sunday morning, but I also hope to spend a few hours at Disneyland. If I can limit my hours at work this weekend I will be happier, more rested, and ready to face the even crazier week ahead. I know I shouldn’t be neglecting my mental health, but sometimes it suffers due to higher priority endeavors. One of these days I’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax!