Day 2 – Whole30 breakfasts

Breakfast has never been my strong suit. Most mornings during the week I would grab a Slimfast shake, protein shake, or granola bar as I was rushing out the door to get to work. And on the weekends McDonald’s was my go-to morning meal, usually after running with my Galloway group. But since none of those options are available on Whole30 I had to completely rethink my breakfast habits. So yesterday morning instead of my usual pre-race Slimfast shake I ate a banana before the Aloha 5K. I was disappointed to have to miss out on most of the post-race goodies – chocolate milk, Hawaiian rolls, and chips – but I was committed to starting Whole30 off right. Luckily one of the other tables had apples so I did take one of those home with me for later. After I got home it had been hours since I had that banana so I was really hungry. Before I even showered I scrambled three eggs with diced onion, bell pepper, and celery (the leftover vegetables I had in my crisper drawer) and gobbled them up. It was a delicious meal. I’ll confess that I used regular butter rather than ghee to cook the eggs because, 1) I don’t want to make clarified butter myself, and 2) I refuse to spend money on ghee when I have plenty of regular butter in my fridge already. Just another little Whole30 cheat! I’ll probably have a million of them by the time these 30 days are up.

This morning was slightly more complicated because it was a weekday. Last night before I went to bed I diced up a ton of vegetables and cooked some Aidell’s chicken apple sausage (surprisingly Whole30 compliant!) so that I could quickly and easily whip up my breakfasts before heading to work each day. As exhausting as it was, all of that prep really paid off because it was a breeze to scramble two eggs with veggies and sausage this morning. Don’t worry, I know I’ll get sick of scrambled eggs really fast, but for now I’m still enjoying them. Over the weekend I’ll work on adding more variety to my morning meals.

Today’s meals:
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with diced vegetables and chicken apple sausage
Lunch – Teriyaki ground beef, roasted broccoli and carrots, and roasted diced potato and sweet potato
Snack #1 – Apple
Snack #2 – Banana with almond butter (before going to boot camp)
Dinner – Chili with beef, onion, bell pepper, beans, corn, and peas

A couple of notes: First, I didn’t have my usual mid-morning snack because I was stuck in meetings until almost 1 PM. That’s why it looks like I had two snacks back-to-back. The apple was eaten while I was still at work and the banana was consumed at home an hour before my boot camp class. Second, the teriyaki ground beef in my lunch contained two Whole30 banned ingredients – soy sauce and honey. Gasp! But, like I said yesterday, I wasn’t about to let perfectly good food go to waste just because I didn’t eat it before October 1st. And third, my dinner also broke several Whole30 rules since beans, corn, and peas are not allowed on the program. But after somehow avoiding all of the candy in the snack bar at work today I consider a delicious bowl of homemade chili to be a relatively healthy dinner choice. Especially since I’ve been known to eat handfuls of crackers straight out of the box for dinner. I’m kind of establishing my own rules for this challenge and I’m OK with that.