Boeing (Not) on the Move

Remember the other day when I wrote that life is too short for nonessentials? Well, recently something has fallen off my priority list that I usually look forward every year – Boeing on the Move. In the past I’ve used this fitness challenge to increase my daily activity, get more chores done around the house, and compete with my co-workers for the highest number of steps. It has always energized me, but this year I decided it wasn’t worth the effort for a number of reasons. First of all, the online interface now has a completely new platform which is not user friendly. In fact, it was so complicated that I could barely figure out how to register for 2018 challenge. Then I discovered that we weren’t going to be mailed our annual free pedometer to track our steps. Not that I’ve ever been a huge fan of those cheap little plastic things, but they were strictly mechanical and I was allowed to wear one in the classified area where I work. The thing that annoys me the most about Boeing on the Move this year is that there is an assumption that all of the participants can use their smart phone, smart watch, or Fitbit to track their daily activity. Unfortunately I can’t because all of those items are forbidden in classified areas. It’s practically a miracle that my 2017 pedometer is still in my possession (I tend to lose them) and still functional, but with all of the other new restrictions on the challenge I am just not motivated to go through the annoyance of wearing it again this year. Anything that requires extra effort just feels like too much trouble right now. Life is stressful enough without worrying about something silly like Boeing on the Move. Granted, earning points towards gift cards is really tempting, but I am putting my mental health above monetary rewards this time around. (Instead I’ve been finding several ways to save money every month. Explanatory post to follow!) Maybe next year I’ll feel differently. Plus, I’ve already gotten back into some semblance of a regular exercise routine with boot camp classes and occasional running (needs to be more than just occasional running, but that’s another story) without an official fitness challenge. This means I’m already halfway to reaping all of the benefits of Boeing on the Move. Now if I can increase my activity while I’m at work and once I get home in the evenings I will be fulfilling basically all of my personal goals for Boeing on the Move. And my chores will all get done in a timely manner too. A priceless reward! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Boeing on the Move 2016 (a.k.a. I lost my pedometer again)

Yesterday was the last day of Boeing on the Move 2016 and I was pleased to rack up more than 30,000 steps. That’s what I call finishing strong! I averaged somewhere around 20,000 steps/day over the last eight weeks, so the much higher total for the finale was thanks to a morning at Disneyland with my friend and her daughter, and then a six mile run in the evening (in 75% humidity). It was a day well spent. Despite my satisfaction of yesterday’s step count I was ecstatic to be able to leave my pedometer at home this morning. I’m always excited when Boeing on the Move starts every year, and even more excited when it’s over. Not that I mind a sharper focus on my activity level and fitness (who couldn’t use that?), but I have numerous reasons to gripe about the cheesy little plastic pedometer we have to wear. Remember how I lost my 2015 pedometer in Hawaii last year? That sucker just wouldn’t stay clipped to the waistband of my shorts! Do you remember my solution? “Fortunately I still had last year’s pedometer tucked away in a drawer for just such an occurrence so I’m covered for the rest of Boeing on the Move 2015.” What luck! Then when Boeing on the Move was over last year I once again tucked away the 2014 pedometer and promptly forgot about it. As long as I got a new pedometer prior to the start of Boeing on the Move 2016 I figured everything would be fine. And it was until I lost my 2016 pedometer only two weeks into this year’s Boeing on the Move. I have no luck with those things! I went to lunch with some co-workers one Friday and I swear my 2016 pedometer vanished into thin air at some point. I guess it made a successful bid for freedom. So when I got home that evening I frantically dug through the drawer of my nightstand, praying that the workhorse of a pedometer from 2014 was still there and still functional. It was! And that reliable little mechanical step counter got me through yet another year of my company’s annual fitness challenge. I’d like to say it’s earned retirement, but there’s no way I’m not keeping it around just in case of another mishap next year. If I’ve learned anything from Boeing on the Move it’s always have a backup pedometer!