Debt and higher education (part 2)

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”
-Brigham Young

Yesterday I wrote a post about the financial aspects of my undergraduate and graduate school education. I was attempting to refute claims from my least favorite blogger that men find women less desirable as potential wives if they have debt incurred from higher education. To take it even further, this woman doesn’t approve of college at all for those of us of the female persuasion. To use her own words, “There’s nothing biblical about young women going away to college.” It’s easy to unravel this argument, though. First of all, college as we know it today did not exist millennia ago when the Bible was written. Of course there were institutes of higher learning, especially in the more wealthy and powerful nations, but I don’t think even those are addressed in the Bible. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) Second, women had almost no rights or autonomy at that time so I’m sure they received little to no education. They had so few options in their lives simply because of their gender and the male-dominated society they were born into. (This is slightly off topic, but as always, I am unbelievably grateful to all of the women who came before me and made the world a more equitable place for future generations.) Later in her post this blogger continues her rant:

“They [women] will be taught to be strong apart from the Lord and independent of Him and in no need of a man. In fact, they will be taught that there are no differences between men and women and be encouraged to be a man and take on his role. They will be taught about birth control, overpopulation, and the inconvenience of having children. They will be taught to pursue careers so they can make a name for themselves and have money of their own. They will be taught nothing about God’s ordained role for them but instead, spend a lot of money for their college education and gain a mountain of debt.”

To start with, what individual could possibly have the right to determine what God’s ordained role for any person other than themselves? That’s arrogance of the highest order. There are a number of reasons that women want to further their education, but most want to prepare for a career. I was in a sorority at UF and a majority of my sisters had lofty professional dreams that they were pursing, similar to my own. In this day and age a college degree is almost a requirement for any line of work. Of course, I understand that this isn’t universally true, and that college isn’t right for everyone. And that’s perfectly OK! I don’t judge folks for their educational choices, unlike some “Christian” bloggers I know. (I read another article by a different author recently that got me all fired up on this subject, but I’ll have to address that at a later time.) On the other hand, most of my sorority sisters were also eager to fall in love, get married, and start having children. So even though they had ambitions outside the home, they still wanted the traditional house with a white picket fence and a loving family to go with it. We are lucky that thanks to women’s rights advocates and feminists that there’s no reason we can’t have both! For example, where would we be without female-dominated professions like nursing, teaching, and social work? Let me use another quote straight from my least favorite blogger herself. In a recent Instagram post she asked, “Many women believe they are being ‘called’ to their careers but are they really?” For myself the answer is a resounding YES! And I’m sure most of the working women that I know, many with husbands and children too, would have a similar response.

The last point I want to address is single women such as myself. How would I be able to support myself if I didn’t have a good job thanks to my college education? Granted, my situation is unique since I made the choice to be single rather than having singleness thrust upon me. I divorced my ex-husband because he was abusive and cheated on me, but not all women have that luxury. What about women who are widowed or whose husbands leave them? Also, what about married women whose husbands become disabled or unable to work? How do they feed their children, keep a roof over their head, and satisfy their most basic needs? As I mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to get a good job without a college degree now. This is the reason I believe that all women who are inclined to go to college should do so, even if they plan to be a stay-at home wife and mother, just in case they are required to be their family’s breadwinner for one reason or another. It seems prudent to plan for whatever the future could bring rather than relying on a man to fulfill the provider role for the rest of your life. Of course this is just my opinion and I would encourage all women, couples, and families to figure out what works best for them. God gave us free will for a reason and he wanted all of his children to be happy, including members of the fairer sex!

P.S. In case you were wondering, one of the reasons I continue reading posts from this particular blogger is because they inspire me to think critically about the subject at hand and write these responses/rebuttals. Blogging has always been good for my soul. So even if I get angry reading her posts about how ladies these days are apparently loud, improper, and far too independent, I won’t let it affect how I feel about myself as a woman. I will simply use my visceral reaction as an opportunity to explain how not everyone fits into the same rigid box. Use your God-given gifts and live your life in whatever way you wish, ladies!

Debt and higher education (part 1)

“Imagine being born and finding out that because of your gender you’re expected to do one thing. Boys can be anything, but you, you’re only expected to stay home and cook and clean and make babies. I refuse to believe that that is my only purpose in life and my reason for existing.”
-7/3/18 Facebook comment

I was fairly young when I decided that I wanted to be an engineer. Math and science were always my favorite subjects and my parents, as well as all of my teachers, encouraged me to pursue my dreams. For me, college was a given. I never had any doubt that I would head straight to a university after graduating high school. However, I knew that my family wasn’t rich so my higher education options weren’t unlimited. I think I only applied to two schools, and one of them (Georgia Tech) fell off the list quickly because I didn’t get any substantial financial aid. Fortunately I grew up in Florida and our state has an amazing scholarship program called Bright Futures. When I finished high school over twenty years ago all you had to do to get money for college from the state was graduate from a Florida public high school, earn above a certain grade point average, and receive over a certain score on the SAT or ACT. So I had 100% of my tuition covered, plus a stipend for books every semester. (Granted, it was never enough to cover all of the insanely expensive textbooks I had to buy, but it certainly helped.) This means that I went to the University of Florida basically for free. Since I wasn’t living at home (Gainesville is about two hours away from Tallahassee) I did have room and board expenses, but I was extremely fortunate to have a college fund that my grandparents had sent up for me when I was young. They provided invaluable help to all four of their grandchildren in this manner. I got my Bachelor of Science degree with minimal cost to my parents, and without incurring any debt whatsoever. For this reason I know I am one of the lucky ones.

My least favorite blogger insists that men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos. I already addressed the purity aspect in my 7/27 post, and now I’m going to tackle the debt portion of this hypothesis. After college I had no debt, but then I headed to graduate school at UCLA for two reasons. 1) I always planned to earn a Master’s Degree, and 2) the job market wasn’t great in 2002. I already had my foot in the door at Boeing due to my three internships, but the managers I knew there weren’t hiring when I graduated. So in the fall of 2002 I started my out-of-state, meaning not cheap, graduate school experience. Fortunately I was offered a position as a research assistant, and sometimes teaching assistant, which covered my tuition (four times more expensive than at UF) and earned me a paycheck every month. The drawback is that it was a very meager salary that didn’t cover the rent on my studio apartment close to campus. I lived for two years on the money I earned working at Boeing in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Usually an internship is an unpaid position, but Boeing is extremely generous to their temporary employees. I had saved a significant amount before starting graduate school, but I still needed additional financial aid to afford my continued education. So for the first time I got student loans. I still count myself as one of the lucky ones because in two years I only racked up about $17k worth of debt. In contrast, my ex-husband had attended MIT for undergrad and his student loans were much more substantial than mine. However, since our education had assisted both of us in finding fulfilling and lucrative jobs, neither of us considered the other’s student loan debt to be a point of contention when thinking about our future. Not that you’ll ever get rich as an engineer, but it comfortably pays the bills. I’ll reiterate the neither of us was religious so we weren’t viewing each other through the lens of Biblical suitability for marriage.

I have a lot more to say on this subject, but this post is already pretty long. Come back later this week so I can use my personal life experiences to refute some of the claims made by this “Christian” blogger about women and college. Educated women need to push back on the antiquated, male-dominated conventions that would prefer to limit our options. To be continued!

Sixteen years ago

Over the weekend I was looking back at some of my posts from previous years and found a couple of gems from January 2001. The first presidential election after I was old enough to vote was in 2000 and what a doozy it was! Especially since I was still living in Florida. (For the record, Alachua County didn’t have any ballot irregularities. We colored in circles on a scantron with a Sharpie rather than punching holes in our ballots. No chance of hanging chads for us.) Some of the things I wrote about that election are eerily similar to the 2016 outcome. And as it turns out, neither case benefited my preferred candidate. History repeats itself, and much sooner than I ever expected!

“Speaking of the media, tonight we have a new president, George W. Bush. Don’t blame me, I voted for Gore!”
1/20/01 webpage post

“As I was waiting at a traffic light near I-75 I saw a billboard that caught my attention. It read ‘You Get the Government You Elect!’ My first thought was, ‘Not this year!’ At least we didn’t get the president that the majority of the population voted for.”
1/26/01 webpage post

A Disaster Day – 6/9/99

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My day started out much later than it should have this morning. As usual, my alarm clock went off at 8 AM. I have the clock on my dresser that is on the wall at the end of my bed. This requires me to sit up to crawl to the end of the bed to turn off the radio when it goes off. I thought this would help me get up in the morning, but I also set my alarm to go off thirty minutes before I have to start getting ready for class. This morning I turned off the radio and went back to sleep for over an hour. I woke up to Liesl slamming her bedroom door this morning at 9:05 AM. This is the time I usually leave for class so naturally I panicked! Everything seemed to be against me getting to class on time. The first problem was Brandy had left the TV on with the Weather Channel blaring after she left for her 8 AM class. This led Liesl to believe that I was the one watching it in the common area and that is why she didn’t wake me up this morning.

The first thing I did when I woke up was jump out of bed and start changing my clothes to go to class. A million things were running through my mind, mostly yelling at myself for sleeping in, but the most prominent was a question. “Is it really worth it?” I was wondering if I should be killing myself to get to Marriage and Family or whether I should just relax and miss class. At first this sounded like a good idea so I put back on my pajamas and went back to my bed. Less than a minute later I felt like a slacker so I decided I could make it to class and only be a few minutes late, at the most. So I scrambled out the door – no breakfast, no jewelry, no primping, only time to splash my face with cold water so I wouldn’t look like I was still asleep. My legs hurt after my fifteen-minute “walk” to class that was practically a run. As soon as I walked in the classroom door I was SO glad I had gone! We had an assignment that was due today and I hadn’t remembered about it until I got there. Don’t misunderstand, I had done the assignment, but I forgot that it was due today. I am such a moron.

I had my usual bowl of rice for dinner tonight around 5:30 PM while watching “Full House” on TV. Around 6 PM Stuart called and asked if I had eaten already. Dumb Lauren told him no! (And now I am talking about myself in the third person.) I guess that rice wasn’t very memorable because I realized that I had already eaten about two seconds later. Stu laughed a lot – I guess it was pretty funny. Anyway, he was making pancakes so I went over to his apartment and ate some. They were little burned due to the fact he was cooking them in a skillet, but they still tasted good. (Stu, are you reading this? They tasted good, sweetie. I won’t deny that.) I little discoloration never hurt a pancake. I wish I had been able to walk tonight, but by the time it stopped raining (it was sort of annoying drizzle, actually) it was too late to be out by myself. Oh well.

I am supposed to be finished with a book for History of Science tomorrow, so at least I need to get some more of it read by then. There’s no way I will be able to finish it. Dr. Hatch only gave us two days to read the entire book and it isn’t that short. Does he think we have nothing else to do with our time? I may not have a very busy social calendar, but almost anything is more important that reading The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. No offence, Tom, but I am not a complete recluse. However I do need to read some of that book, which is my reason for signing off now.

My General Insanity – 6/8/99

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I haven’t had much time lately to write anything, but also not much has been happening in my little life. We have entered the last two weeks of my summer semester and I have work piling up left and right. I am just a little stressed out. Good news, however, because I got a B+ on my History of Science midterm exam! That was quite a relief. When Dr. Hatch was talking to us yesterday before he gave back our exam booklets he told us that our essays weren’t specific enough. That made me panic because I couldn’t remember my essay being very specific. Apparently it was pretty good, though. I read it again today and realized that my vocabulary isn’t very good when I am under pressure. I used the word “thing” a lot without being too worried about what it meant and my verb choice was about equal to that of a third grader. We only had thirty minutes to write down everything that we knew so I wasn’t caught up in word choice. Maybe I should be next time.

Also in class yesterday we had our first Idiot Quiz (IQ). If anyone has seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (or something like that) you will recognize the form of this little quiz.

1) What is your (last) name?
2) What is your favorite color?
3) What is your quest?
4) What is the flight speed of a sparrow?

The fifth question consisted of an essay – in fact the same essay we had to write for the midterm! Coincidence? Somehow I don’t think so. Anyway, I was at a loss about the “flight speed of a sparrow” question because I had never seen any Monty Python movie. (I watched my first one last night.) I asked Dr. Hatch if I should know what he was talking about, but he just told me to make up something. That’s exactly what I did. It turns out that our answers weren’t important at all because the quiz was just checking to see who was in class and to see who wasn’t brain dead at the time. Except for the essay question, but I think I passed. We still have to write a five-page final paper that is due next Friday. I am glad it is an out-of-class assignment because I can make good use of my thesaurus! We are getting the essay topic this Friday so we only have a week to plan and write the paper. I know it can be done, but I am still nervous about making it a great essay.

Stuart and I have been playing a modified version of phone tag tonight. I called him sometime between 6 and 7 PM, but after a little while the parents of one of his roommates (Matt) called and we had to get off the phone. Around 8 PM Stu called me back and we talked for an even shorter period of time before another parent, Chris’s this time, called forcing us to hang up. At that point I decided to take a walk so I said that I would call him back later. After I got back from my walk it was about 9:30 PM and I called Stu’s apartment. This time one of his brothers interrupted our conversation! I got in the shower almost immediately after hanging up the phone and when I got out there was a message. Stu said that he was going to a birthday party for a friend and we would talk later. Not often do we get so many obstacles in the way of a phone conversation. The fates were not on our side tonight, apparently. Well, tomorrow is another day!

When I was walking tonight I passed the University of Florida bat house, like I do every time I walk my normal route by Lake Alice. This time, however, I went by the bat house at almost exactly 9 PM and the bats were making a mass exodus for the evening. I see people gathering to watch the event every night, but I don’t usually pass the bat house that late. It was really neat because a whole bunch of bats were flying away at the same time. I never understood why people went to watch before, but now I have seen it for myself. Too bad the university wants to build a dormitory on that land. They will have to relocate the bat house if that happens. I really enjoy walking by Lake Alice but if there is another dorm there it won’t be such a nice place.

Ouch! – 6/5/99

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For the females (and males that can relate) reading this page, how old were you when you first got your ears pierced? I was ten years old and even then I had to beg my mom to let me do it. I think the only reason I was given permission is because my good friend Abby was getting her ears pierced. The biggest reason I wanted to get my ears pierced was because Abby was doing it and my other friend, Stacey, had already done it. When the day came I was very excited.

Boy did it hurt! Most people will tell you that getting your ears pierced is a piece of cake and there is no pain involved. Don’t believe them! It hurts like holy heck. Having to turn the posts everyday after your ears are pierced, along with having to bath your lobes in rubbing alcohol, doesn’t help much. Ouch! The pain that I experienced is the reason I brought up this whole issue.

Today I was at the mall looking for earrings when I saw a mother having her infant daughter’s ears pierced. The poor child was crying like it was the end of the world and I felt so sorry for her. Does this picture seem wrong to anyone else? Getting sharp objects thrust though the sensitive skin of your ear lobes is painful enough when you WANT to have it done! I almost cried watching this mother subject her baby to that kind of pain. Why in the world would any little kid need to have pierced ears? This I cannot understand. If you wait about five to ten years then she can make a conscious decision to get it done. I wanted to give this woman a piece of my mind! All things considered that could be some form of child abuse, at least in my opinion. My mom was reluctant enough when I was ten years old.

When I was in high school I wanted to get another hole in each of my ears, but my mom had something against that. I kept my idea to myself because my mom was always saying how multiple holes would go out of style and how she hated the way it looked. Finally when I was seventeen I told my mom I wanted more holes in my ears. She went crazy. I told her that I was going to get it done as soon as I turned eighteen (that’s how old you have to be to get it done without your parent’s permission) if she wouldn’t allow it then. She decided that she would rather be there than not, so I had my second holes punched the next weekend. As soon as I got that done I wanted more holes! (I don’t have them yet, but I am seriously considering it for sometime soon. It has been almost three years since the last holes, for goodness sakes!)

I did get some silver earrings today at the mall. Why is it so hard to find plain silver hoops? Beats me, but I finally found some so I am pleased. It two trips to the mall to get it right, though. I went this morning and bought the earrings, but as soon as I got home and tried them on one of them broke. Great, another trip to the mall (which was busy tonight). I did get them exchanged, but I am wary of the craftsmanship and quality. The set I bought had three pairs of hoops so that will work well if I get the third hole soon. (Mom, if you are reading this you will be croaking by now!)

Wanna know how much schoolwork I have gotten done today? Try “very little.” I am going to post this entry online and then get to work. Maybe I can find a few more things that are of higher priority that need to get done first. (Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. Don’t deny it.) Maybe I need to shower, or wash the dishes, or email someone, or just get some sleep. I am pretty tired already and it isn’t even 11 PM yet. Too bad I am going to die a painful academic death if I don’t read at least some of my History of Science stuff. Ok I am going now (reluctantly).

The Weekend to Live – 6/4/99

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Guess what? I have the weekend to live (hence the name of today’s entry). Dr. Hatch, my History of Science professor, hasn’t finished grading our midterm essays yet so I can relax for a few days until Monday. At that point I can get tense again, but “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.” (A little Scarlett O’Hara for you guys.) Actually I will have a lot to worry about tomorrow since I am way behind in the reading for that very class. My weekend is already turning out to be a dud, but I won’t let it end up that way. I will relate my success (or lack of it) in carrying out that statement on Sunday.

By the way, the Marriage and Family test yesterday was pretty tricky. Susan, our teacher (she insists that we call her by her first name), said that all of questions would be straightforward and conceptual rather than too specific. Well she lied! A few of the questions I remember reading about when I read the textbook, but they dealt with numbers that I was told we didn’t have to know. Other questions were ambiguous and seemed to have more than one answer. No was happy with the test, but we don’t know our scores yet. Hopefully everyone messed up so there can be a scoring curve. If I don’t get an A in this class I am going to be mighty upset. And to think I declined an offer to be with my boyfriend to study for that stupid test. I would have been better off reading all of the textbook chapters over again rather than study my homemade flashcards. I’ll remember that for our next (and last) test.

Last night I went to Steak & Shake with Stuart and his roommates, Howie and Matt. Chris, his other roommate is home for the weekend. When Stu called about going there I was excited because for some reason I had a craving for a vanilla milkshake. The reason the guys wanted to eat there was because their friend, Brittany, works there. The poor girl had these guys watching her work and they got to witness her spilling a milkshake on another customer. She did give me my milkshake for free, though, so that was really nice of her. I asked her for my check twice before she said that effectively there was never any milkshake in front of me. It pays to be nice (if that’s the reason my shake was given for free). My grandma told me that in an email the other day. Her exact words were, “Keli was our waitress and when she brought the pie announced that it was on the house because we were so nice. So it pays to be nice, but it also puts on pounds on grandmothers.” Isn’t that funny?

Tonight I had the pleasure of eating pizza, going grocery shopping, and watching my copy of “The Three Musketeers” with Stuart. It was nice. Since he has to leave at 6:30 AM in the morning to go hang gliding we didn’t go see the late movie we originally planed to go to. Watching the movie here in my dorm was easier, much cheaper, and it ended earlier.

Speaking of “earlier,” I probably should be going to bed soon. I need to get up early and go shopping for a birthday present for my brother. I have no idea what to get him. He is turning seventeen on June 19. Any suggestions? I never know what to get him for any occasion. I love my brother but all he wants his money this year, and I hate to just hand him a $20 bill. That seems so impersonal. Anyway, I am going to sleep now. Zzzz

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” Finale – 6/3/99

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I meant to write an entry last night, but I sort of didn’t have time. “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” airs on Thursday nights at midnight here in Gainesville, and since last night was the series finale I had to watch. Too bad it was a two-hour episode and I didn’t get to sleep until sometime after 2 AM. That was brutal on my sleep cycle (which has already suffered enough). Anyway, I am not too happy with how the series turned out. If you haven’t seen the episode yet and you want to be surprised, skip this little list.

1) Where did Captain Sisko go? Yes, I know he said he was with the Prophets, but he also left his newly pregnant wife and teenage son to fend for themselves. Way to go, Ben. I thought that was a pretty dumb way to end the show for him. If the writers can think of a way to use that situation in the future I will be thrilled, but somehow I don’t see that being resolved in any way.

2) Where did Worf go? This I can understand. Worf needs to get back to the sphere of Star Trek movies somehow, and this move to the Klingon Homeworld will get him there. This poor guy has been tossed around by the writers from the Enterprise to DS9, back to the Enterprise, back to DS9, and now to Kronos. Worf is a great character and I will be glad if he is in the new movies, and creative storylines seem to be the way to make sure he is there. We have seen Worf fall in love twice, become a father to his son, Alexander, lose many people who were important to him, and kill lots of high-ranking Klingons. I’d say that entitles us to become attached to the character.

3) Where did O’Brien go? Back to Earth. Why? That is a question I can’t seem to understand. I don’t know if there is a plot reason that Miles went back to Earth to teach at the Academy, but I hope so. He is also a good character that has lasted through two Star Trek series. O’Brien, as well as Worf, has character depth that most roles on television lack. Through the years of watching O’Brien and his family was have seen his marriage to Keiko, the birth of his daughter, Molly, his friendships with Geordi LaForge and Julian Bashir, and his personality changes that make him so interesting.

4) Where did Odo go? To tell you the truth, I was never too fond of Odo because the role wasn’t too interesting to me, but I must say that Rene Auberjonois is a great actor. I admire what he has done with the character. I certainly never expected him to fall in love with Kira! Why they sent him away I don’t know. Yes, his people needed him, but so did the woman he loved. Perhaps the writers had a reason for this move also. Only time will tell.

5) Julian and Ezri? Kassidy and her new baby? Jake? Quark and Nog? Kira? These are the people who are left on DS9. Let me first say that I HATE the idea of Julian and Ezri! I would love to tell the new Dax host where to stick it. I was extremely upset when Jadzia died because she was my favorite character. Jadzia where have you gone and why didn’t you leave a suitable replacement? The twist of sending the new host, Ezri (*shudder*), to the station was a good one but not well executed. Kassidy is stuck with this baby and no father to help her out. Jake is stuck with his father’s pregnant wife and no way to know how to take care of her. Quark is stuck with a profitable bar and very few friends to act as patrons. Nog is now a lieutenant in Starfleet with an absent but recently wealthy father, Rom. Poor Kira is left in charge of the station without the love of her life. (The second one, since Vedek Bariel died early on in the series. Anyone remember that?) I guess you can say I am happy every thing turned out OK, even though not everyone turned out happy. Actually, I can’t think of anyone who ended up happy! Wow that changes my opinion completely. What a bad show!

With all of the plot twists that occurred in last night’s show I don’t know what is going to happen in the future for these crew members. Any movies on the horizon for them? I doubt it, at least not as a full cast. Too bad, because I really loved the DS9 cast when they were together. I just read in TV Guide that the new Trek series may be an Academy-based storyline. Maybe that’s why O’Brien went back to Earth. Like I said, only time will tell. For now it is over and I can go to bed earlier on Thursday nights.

Another Turn (of the Grindstone) – 6/2/99

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I realize that my last entry had very little to do with the title I gave it. I meant to talk about how it was hard to go back to class after a really long weekend and that I have a wonderful Marriage and Family test on Thursday. I can’t say that I have been studying diligently for the test tomorrow, but there doesn’t seem to be that much material to study! Do you know what a “nuclear family” is? That’s about the most complicated thing I have to remember. Just watch the test be really complicated and I won’t be prepared. It would be my luck.

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful boyfriend? I think so – probably many times! Anyway he is the best. I really should stop telling him when I am going to be studying in the Reitz Union food court during lunch, but I do love for him to join me. If only I didn’t get so scared when he sneaks up on me! I am very grateful to have him around this summer. I would be lost otherwise. Too bad I have to go back to Tallahassee in less than three weeks for the remaining part of the summer. I will miss him!

My mom is worried that since I have Stuart here in Gainesville I won’t want to go to Tallahassee as often. I think she was right. I used to have a boyfriend at home and that was my major motivation for driving there on the weekends. Now I would rather stay here, not because I don’t miss my family and old friends (I do quite often), but because I am more at home in Gainesville. During the regular school year I have my sisters around, people to talk to, stuff to do, and many tests to study for. Add to that the fact that Tallahassee is a pretty boring place to be! Anyone who has lived there for any length of time could tell you that. I was born and raised there so I know! Granted it is a college town, but not the glorified college town that is Gainesville.

I have something to add to yesterday’s rantings and ravings. Almost as soon as I got back from my nightly walk Stuart called. Guess what he was planning to do tonight? If you guess “watch the movie he was going to watch last night,” you win! He said that I had enough time to shower before I went over there. I momentarily forgot about the test I have in the morning. About two seconds later that thought crossed my mind and I had to decline the offer. I know that this Marriage and Family test won’t take too much studying, but I need to devote some time to it. My life follows Murphy’s law, “every that can go wrong will go wrong.” Isn’t that encouraging? Well, uplifting or not, it is the honest truth.

Since I didn’t go watch the movie with Stuart tonight I should get off this computer and study for my test some more. Tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM I am going to need the knowledge on those flashcards that are, at this moment, carelessly thrown on my bed. Back to that proverbial grindstone. Do you know what “role-segregation” is?