Saturday random thoughts

***I’m still sick, but I think I’m finally getting better. I got through a full day of work yesterday without feeling like death. I was still exhausted afterwards, though, and it didn’t help that I had to stay until 8 PM running a test. And I probably need to work for at least a few hours tomorrow to get some seriously overdue documents ready for release, but being able to go to work regularly is one step towards being completely healthy again.

***My good friend Natalie and I were planning to celebrate my birthday at Disneyland this afternoon/evening, but after admitting that we are both sick, we decided that it was necessary to reschedule. We had to give up our dinner at Steakhouse 55, but now we have a meal reservation for February 11th that will give us a reserved spot to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade that has recently returned to Disneyland. I have never actually seen the Electrical Parade, either in Anaheim the last time it was here or when it was in Orlando up through last year, so I can’t wait!

***Except for the Star Wars 5K and one other solitary 4-mile run over a week ago I haven’t done any exercise since my marathon on January 8th. Even so, I am going to attempt to run 10 miles at the Great Chocolate Race in Long Beach tomorrow morning. I am incredibly nervous. First of all, I have no idea if my foot is going to be up to the challenge. Luckily I haven’t had any foot pain since I got back from Orlando which is a very good sign, but I only have two successful short runs to convince me that I won’t fracture any bones tomorrow. I didn’t even go back to the chiropractor this week because I was sick. So that’s one unknown. And then my secondary concern is that I am completely out of shape after deviating my training regime for so long. There’s a good chance I have no endurance at all anymore. Tomorrow is going to be interesting, to say the least. One way or another I’ll let you know how it goes!

***This morning my running buddies and I had to pick up our race packets for tomorrow. While figuring out where we needed to go to get the bibs, we discovered that the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck was going to be parked at a mall nearby so of course we decided to check it out. We arrived only 30 minutes after it was scheduled to open, but the line was already around the block! We waited for about an hour in the surprisingly warm late-January sun, only advancing a fairly short distance, before we gave up and left to get our race bibs without acquiring any Hello Kitty merchandise. So we saved money, but wasted a lot of precious weekend time.

***I still haven’t put away my Christmas decorations. The tree currently is lying on the floor in pieces, and all of the ornaments and other decorative items are covering my entire kitchen table. One of my goals for tomorrow afternoon is to finally close the books on Christmas 2016. Otherwise I should just put the tree back up and pronounce my house ready for Christmas 2017 a little early.

Simple pleasures

Earlier this year my bathroom at home wasn’t fully operational. Much to my disappointment, my shower has never had great water pressure and I’ve had to ask my landlady to clean out the filter on the shower head about once a year to keep it serviceable. On top of that, my sinks and tub drain start backing up about once a year as well and the plumber has to be called to snake the lines and remove whatever has built up in there over time. Back in May I was dealing with both of these issues at the same time. And then one Monday morning the toilet broke. Now I’ve had to deal with my share of chains gone awry that simply have to be reconnected, but in this case the flusher handle got completely detached from the inner workings in the tank. There is no easy fix for a snapped piece of plastic. Luckily nothing else was wrong so I didn’t have to deal with an overflow situation or anything like that, but I did have to call my landlady and tell her that at this point my bathroom was basically out of service for all activities.

Two days later I got a text message saying that everything was fixed. A working toilet was essential (I’d been spending a lot of time away from home to be near working facilities), a functional sink was a nice perk (washing my face in the morning was a lot easier when the water drained properly), and a shower with slightly higher water pressure was going to be much more pleasant (I’d been showering at the gym which was a pain). When I pulled open my shower curtain I noticed that my landlady had completely replaced the shower head with a brand new one. Nice! I had fairly low expectations for the water pressure due to my years of lackluster showering experiences in my apartment, but at least I knew the filter was new and not clogged. So when I turned on the shower I was blown away! Almost literally! The water pressure was at a level I had never personally witnessed! Here’s how I described it to my mom via text message – “My new shower is glorious! I think I heard angels singing! Water pressure of a Biblical magnitude!” I could not have been more ecstatic in that moment. There’s nothing better after going for a run (which I do 3-4 times a week) than a nice hot shower to unwind before bedtime. As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. The simple pleasures in life are all I require.